Back in action…

Lots has been happening, but unfortunately that means I’ve fallen behind updating this site.

First off, RapidWeaver stopped being able to update my server directly. According to tech support there’s a problem with a picture in a gallery, so I should remove all pictures and start over — which is pretty much saying delete the site and start over. Not a good solution! I’ve had to export the site to a folder and sync that using FTP, which seems to be working. To test it I’ve uploaded a couple of panoramas to the
Sunshine Coast and Vancouver galleries.

Second, I broke my wrist last month, so won’t be taking pictures for quite a while. Even typing on a computer is hard at the moment, and anything load-bearing (like driving or using a heavy camera) is against doctor’s orders. Which means no new panoramas this autumn, I’m afraid.
Links and Things
Not many links at the moment — this is mostly here because otherwise the page doesn't display a scroll bar. As long as I need a sidebar, though, I'll mention a great photoprinting place (at least if you're in Canada):

Decent prices, great products, and good service. They only deliver in Canada, though.
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