Weekly Panorama: Dawn over Ongiin Khid

Finished another panorama from my trip to Mongolia. This one is massive — 56,000 pixels wide at full resolution — and I’m debating how to display it properly. It’s too big to print in one piece, so I’m thinking of breaking it up into several 4x1 images and displaying it as a triptych (tetraptych?). You can find it in the Panoramic Mongolia gallery.

New Canadiana Gallery: Harvey Yards

A selection of photographs taken inside the Harvey Shops (called “Harvey Yards” in the Open Doors Toronto brochure I had). It was an amazing place, and brought home just how complicated running the TTC is, having to support equipment of many models and ages. The TTC actually makes parts for much of its fleet, as the manufacturers no longer do so! Read More...

Weekly Panorama: Ruins of Ongiin Khiid Monastery

I’ve added a panorama of the ruins of Ongiin Khiid monastery to the Panoramic Mongolia gallery. Read More...

New Section: Canadiana

Most of my photographs were taken in Canada — unsurprising, as that’s where I live. Some of the most spectacular are in the Beautiful Canada gallery, but I’ve created this section to showcase smaller collections assembled around a single theme.

New Feature: Weekly Panorama

I’m going to start trying to add one new panorama a week. This week’s panorama is in the Mongolia gallery of Panoramic Asia. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is much more what I imagined Mongolia would be like, as compared to the Gobi. I would happily have spent less time driving around the Gobi and more time in places like this. Next trip, that’s what I’ll do.

New Panoramas in China Gallery

Panoramas of the Forbidden City added to the China gallery of Panoramic Asia.
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