New Gallery: Chinese Lantern Festival

A few years ago Ontario Place held a Chinese Lantern Festival in the autumn. I really enjoyed it the first year, and the second year I got a behind-the-scenes tour in exchange for providing pictures for their media director. Both times I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately it isn’t running anymore, but enjoy the gallery I put together showing highlights from both years.

Mongolia iBook

Mongolia Cover 2 thumb
I’ve written an iBook about last year’s trip to Mongolia. You’ll currently need an iPad to read it, although after Maverick is released then any Mac will do. It’s free.

Mongolia, once at the centre of Genghis Khan’s empire, is being transformed from a small struggling economy into one that’s thriving; yet despite the pull of modernization, the centuries old nomadic way of life can still be experienced. I’ve dreamed of travelling to Mongolia for years, ever since I saw the film Mongol and fell in love with the wide open landscape. It was a destination that seemed out of reach to a middle-aged urbanite until David duChemin and Jeffrey Chapman organized a Within the Frame photo tour.

This book is the result of that trip. The tour was to be “an adventure full of the passionate discovery and photography of people, place and culture, with emphasis given to going deep not wide.” Ironically, I fell in love with the wide expanses and produced hundreds of panoramas, the best of which are presented, in high definition, in this book.

Mongolia: Within the Frame is divided into three themes: Mongolians, Landscapes, and Religions. Each is filled with photographs and interactive panoramas.

Use this link to get a copy:

New QTVR: Dinosaur Provincial Park

Added several QuickTime VRs to the Virtual Alberta gallery. All are views of Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

New QTVR: Mountain Lakes

Added several QuickTime VRs to the Virtual Alberta gallery. All are views of lakes near Canmore, Alberta.

New QTVR: Mountain Stream

Added a new QuickTime VR movie to the Virtual Alberta gallery.
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Decent prices, great products, and good service. They only deliver in Canada, though.
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