Major Additions: VR Galleries

I’ve been steadily uploading QuickTime VR panoramas to the QuickTime VR galleries. Still not as many as I’d like (and they can’t be seen on an iPad) but I’m getting there…

New Gallery: QuickTime VR

I’ve learned enough to add some QuickTime VR interactive panoramas to the site. These can be found under the Panoramas menu, inside the QuickTime VR item. At the moment I’ve got a page for Virtual Ontario, with placeholder pages for China and Mongolia. It will probably take me until the end of the month to get those pages active, so don’t hold your breath waiting for them!

What turned the trick was finding a couple of RapidWeaver stacks, especially
prettyPhoto 3 from RWExtras. When I saw that it could display QTVR files inside a lightbox I decided to give it a try, and it seems to be working as advertised.
Links and Things
Not many links at the moment — this is mostly here because otherwise the page doesn't display a scroll bar. As long as I need a sidebar, though, I'll mention a great photoprinting place (at least if you're in Canada):

Decent prices, great products, and good service. They only deliver in Canada, though.
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